It's easy to add a new user to your Streamtime account when your team grows. 

Just head into Profile & Settings, Your Team and simply click New User in the top right.

When adding a team member, we'll get you to setup some basic info about that person. Things like their name, email address, plus their hourly cost and sell rates to help keep all your numbers in balance. 

You'll also be able to grant them access to different areas in Streamtime.

Other Places To Add Team Members

The Team area isn't the only way you can add a new user to Streamtime. There are a few quick alternatives which won't slow you down if you're on a roll.

The Job Page

You can add a new user to your team while planning a job. Just type the user's name, and opt to create a new team member.

From here you will also be able to invite the new user, so that they can log into Streamtime right away and get working.

Add team tags

You can group your team members by giving them team tags. This will help you to manage your teams better later on.

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