Labels are going to become your new best friend to help you manage your projects and pull powerful custom reports.

You can add labels directly to jobs, expenses, quotes, invoices and companies from the label icon. You can also manage labels from the label management page (Menu > Profile & Settings > Master Settings > Labels).

Example labels


  • Account or Project Manager

  • Location (city, country etc)

  • Job status (to quote, to schedule, with client etc)

  • JT: (website, print, branding, design etc)

  • New business

  • Non-billable (could also be called internal or admin)

  • Pipeline (first contact 20%, actively engaged 40%, opportunity 60% etc)

  • Retainer

  • Template

  • VIP


Budget, approved, awaiting invoice, paid, type i.e. print


Approved, with client, requested approval, cancelled, to be invoiced

To be invoiced, sent to accountant


Supplier, prospect, newsletter, VIP, account manager who signed them

Use pre-fixes to supercharge your labels

This is a huge tip that we all love here at Streamtime. Here's why:

  1. Easily manage the label management page, which is ordered alphabetically (keep reading)

  2. Give yourself a drop down list when adding labels to projects and take out the guessing game of what label you need

Commonly used pre-fixes for job labels are:

  • AM = Account Manager

  • GEO = location

  • JS = job status

  • JT = job type

  • PL = pipeline

Create custom reports using labels

One of our favourite and most used report filters is 'Job Label'. That's right, you can use labels to help build completely bespoke reports that will blow your mind.

For example, want to see all client-facing jobs? Use the filter Job Label is not 'internal' or 'non-billable'.

Read more on creating custom reports here

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