Seamlessly manage your accounting in Streamtime whether you run your books manually, connect to Xero or integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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If you're not connected to an accountancy package, managing your accounts in Streamtime is super easy.

Once you've created an invoice, all you need to do is adjust your tax rates as needed.

You can manage the tax rates for each individual line item but hovering over the item itself and selecting from the dropdown above the item total.

You can choose to show the tax rate names against each line item and/or the totals inc of tax rates depending on legal invoice requirements in your country, or your clients needs. Just tick those boxes from the sidebar.

New tax rates can be added from the sidebar once you switch to invoice settings (the cog wheel).

Payments can be recorded against specific dates from the Record Payment button in the black bar at the top of your invoice.

You can see a summary of all invoices within a Job by clicking on the turnkey next to invoices, or pull a report on invoices across multiple jobs from Menu > Jobs > Invoices.

The invoices tab allows you to pull custom reports using the columns and filters in the sidebar. Custom reports also allow you to create your favourite views at the click of a button.

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