Whether you are new to Streamtime or have been using it for a while, super users are great for encouraging a high adoption rate by your whole agency. Ensuring you make the most out of your new, shiny business tool.

The typical super user’s role and responsibilities revolve around championing the change at a user level with support from Team Leads.

Change is not something that occurs by the flick of a switch. Our old way of doing things is often deeply entrenched in our habits. Routines that also carry over to our work, regardless of whether that's the best way to do things.

What is a super user?

  • A super user is your internal expert and champion of Streamtime. They’ll be able to answer quick questions, support adoption and hype up the benefits of using Streamtime.

  • Super users will be enthusiastic and skilled in your agency's workflows and processes within Streamtime. Helping everyone to meet their goals.

  • From a technical perspective, it might be useful to give super users more user permission rights than regular users so they can be of greater help to the team and business.

  • Super users are the frontrunners, the pioneers of your agency, who can lead by example and encourage others. Making their position even more valuable to the business.

  • A super user keeps motivating peers by sharing “how and why to…” typo of info. This kind of bottom-up approach can both inspire and help reduce uncertainty.

Expectations of a super user

  1. Be enthusiastic about Streamtime. Enthusiasm is contagious!

  2. On top of Streamtime updates, how they work for your agency and letting the wider team know.

  3. Have a thirst for learning, watching and reading Streamtime resources.

  4. Show up top webinars and participate in training and onboarding sessions.

  5. Hype up their team and share successes.

💡 Tip: Super users don't need to be managers, they need to be open-minded and ready for change!

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