We know that we are a little different to most (which we love), and you might not be 100% sure on how things work. Not to worry - we're here to help you at any time! 😉

How to get in touch with us?

1. The help button

If you ever need any assistance, just start a chat with us using the 'Help' button which lives at the bottom-left of the menu in your Streamtime app:

The help area also links you to all our upcoming and past webinars.

Even better, you can search for keywords to find our help articles. Keep them open in the pop up window while you continue working, or open them in a new tab. Haven't used the search yet? Try typing 'shortcuts' now and thank me later.

2. Email us

Email us at help@streamtime.net 

3. Book a call

Pick a time for a phone call, demo, or remote training session with a team member here. Just remember to check the time zone when booking as we have teams around the world.

What are your response times?

Our response times vary depending on the urgency of your query but are between
24 - 48 hours, though we tend to reply quicker than that.

Don't worry though, can't download invoices or having trouble logging in? We'll be with you ASAP.

You can read our detailed response times in our Terms of Use, if you're interested.

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