Whilst Streamtime helps you keep track of all the work that you've got to do, it can also be useful for keeping track of when your team doesn't have to do that work, like when they take their annual leave, for example.

Setting Up

To set this up, all you need to do is create an internal job and call it something that implies taking time off, such as 'Holidays'. Adding a label might be useful too.

Within this job, add items for different types of leave - Annual Leave and Sick Days are the two big ones, but feel free to add any more you find necessary. 

You'll want to put these items into Play, and add your entire team to all time-off items that might apply to them. You can add a description here i.e. to note how many days holiday your team has each year, and could include a checklist as a reminder for any holiday processes you may have.

Planning Time Off

Once your team has booked in their time off, this can be painted onto the relevant item in the Schedule in advance, so that you know that that team member won't be available to work on that particular day.

Once your team member has returned from their time off, they can record this time off within Streamtime by finding that day on their To Do list, and dragging the time off item from To Do to Done.

Public Holidays

As you'll be scheduling in public holidays on behalf of your team, the quickest way to do this is to allocate the time to one team member and then duplicate this to everyone else. You can easily duplicate by clicking 'ALT' or using the right-click button.

And, that's it. Now you can easily enjoy that Vitamin D (or Vitamin C, if you're home resting) without having to worry about taking ages to log your leave.


Head to the Time list to see all time off entries logged, along with totals. 

The best way to see this is to add a job name filter for the name of your time off job, and then Group By: Item Name.

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