If you're an Apple iPhone user with iOS 11 or later installed you most certainly can use Streamtime on your phone. 

Streamtime is on a quest to ensure your work life is never not creative. Welcome to the app – just one of the ways we’re defending the world from the enemies of creativity. Plan your week, complete your to-do list, help others and more. Keep an eye out for regular updates.

We hope you like what we've done! Please give us some feedback and rate us on the App Store! 😉


• Log items as Done and plan your day.
• Create new To Do's on the fly as well as create jobs and clients if needed.
• View your completed day and hours logged.
• Switch to someone else's To Do list and plan tasks for them or see what has been done. (feature available Mid February 2018)
• Directly chat with someone at Streamtime from inside the App.
• Navigate to any day in the past or future and view or plan that day.


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