You can link Streamtime to your QuickBooks account and copy your invoices across to QuickBooks in one click, meaning that invoices don't need to be manually re-entered in QuickBooks.


To setup the connection between Streamtime and Quickbooks, just head to Profile & Settings > Integrations. 

Click Connect to QuickBooks.

You'll then be redirected (via horseback 🏇)  to QuickBooks to enter your log in details. You'll then be requested a form of authentication (phone, email, etc) and once the details are entered, redirected again (this time via magic carpet ✨ ) back to Streamtime.

Check out Invoicing in Streamtime and Copy to QuickBooks

Your invoice will be marked with a green QuickBooks stamp, which will take you directly to the invoice in QuickBooks when clicked.

VOILA! Couldn't be easier.... But if you have any issues, just let us know using the Help button in your side-menu, or by sending an email to

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