Why would you change your quote or invoice numbers?

When creating your first quote or invoice in Streamtime their respective number will start with 1. If you have already issued any quotes or invoices previously, it is likely you would want to continue this sequence in Streamtime. And also, if you are using an accounting system (e.g. Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB) you would need to adjust these number sequences to avoid any duplication. 

How to change your quote or invoice numbers?

It's easy to change the sequence in Streamtime. Just check e.g. your latest invoice number in your accounting package and +1. 

Then head to Streamtime and create a new quote or invoice. When editing this draft, you can easily overwrite the populated quote or invoice number with the accurate one. 

From now on, every new quote or invoice will just start counting upwards from your new sequence. No need to do anything else. 

You are ready to go!

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