Streamtime gives easier access to the data you need to see via custom reports which we call Favourites and you can call on them any time from the job list with the press of one button. This allows you to see everything about your business in a snap with live data. 

HINT: You can get more detail on how a figure is calculated or what it means by hovering above it.

Watch a short video on how all of this works:

Report on Quotes, Invoices, Time, Expenses, Jobs and Profitability - YOUR WAY

Can I measure profit on jobs or by client?   ✅

Can I see which jobs are running over budget?    ✅

How much profit did I make on expenses?    ✅

Have I invoiced the entire job correctly?    ✅

Want to see a list of Pending Quotes?   ✅

Time entered by your team this week?   ✅

Overdue invoices?   ✅

Unpaid invoices?   ✅

Or the one that leaves a big smile on your face – invoices paid this month?   ✅

All this and more can be created and viewed in simple, customisable, searchable lists. You choose the columns you'd like visible, then add relevant filters and Save as a favourite. With this customisation the reporting options are endless.

In the Job section under columns we provide a number of fields that you can turn on or off. Here is a list of them, what they all mean, and how we calculate them:

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