In Streamtime, invoices are created directly from a job.
You can create one from the Create Menu top right of the job.

Once selected, you will then elect how you would like to create this invoice. 

You can choose to invoice from your Job Plan, Time and Expenses recorded on the job, or any linked Quote.

Creating an invoice by Quote or Job Plan

Selecting job plan or quote allows you to create your invoice from items on the plan or line items on your selected quote. You can set the issue date of this invoice and name it in this wizard too.

If you want to invoice the full total, simply ensure all items are selected at 100%, tap create invoice and off you go. If you’re looking to invoice just part of your quote, you can go about this two ways.

1. Creating an overall instalment invoice

Set the percentage of the total job plan or quote that you want to invoice. By default, all items, expenses and purchase orders will be included. You can use the checkboxes on the right to select exactly what you want to include at this overall instalment level.

You'll see we've surfaced information regarding the quote or job plan total and balance remaining in the footer.

  1. Top level instalment: Set your overall percentage instalment figure here.

  2. Quote/Job Plan total: The total of the quote or job plan that you're invoicing.

  3. Previously Invoiced: How much of this quote you've already created invoices for.

  4. This Invoice: The running total of the current invoice you're building. This figure updates as you make changes on the wizard.

  5. Remaining: What's remaining to be invoiced after this invoice. This figure updates as you make changes on the wizard.

  6. Line item tooltip: You'll see the above figures (total quoted/planned amount, previously invoiced, this invoice, and remaining) for each line item as you hover on them to help you invoice.

Once you're happy, click Create 1 invoice to generate your invoice.

Using the top level instalment percentage, your invoice will be created with the full value of each line item (1), with the overall instalment percentage applied at the end of the invoice (2). 

You can now change the instalment amount at this point on the right hand side (3) if you change your mind. 


2. Creating a part invoice by line item

You can also create a part invoice by line item, where you set portions of each item or phase. This might be useful if you want to bill by stage, or proportion of stage. Simply set percentages or specific dollar amounts on each line item.

In this instance, your invoice will be created with the calculated dollar figure that the invoicing planning wizard shows you.

Why can't I change the total amount on each phase or the total invoice on the wizard?

The planning wizard will help you structure your invoice the way you want it.
However, it's not possible to edit the totals of the invoice or phases, because any accounts sales codes (eg, from Xero or Quickbooks) need to still come through to your accounting package line by line so that your accounts reporting will be accurate. It's a standard practice way of doing such a thing and preserves your reporting integrity all round. 

 If you need your total to add to a specific amount, edit your line items to get the total you're after.

Creating multiple invoices

You can also set up multiple invoices at once if you select job plan or quote.

Simply decide how many invoices you’d like to set up at once from the top dropdown, and populate each as you go. Don’t forget to set up issue dates in advance so you’re set up for success and you know what you’ve planned to bill, when.

Pro tip: Streamtime holds a memory of what you’ve invoiced before. If you set up your first invoice, then change the number of invoices to two at the top of the screen, the invoicing wizard will auto-populate your next invoice with the remaining amount to be billed.

Creating an invoice by Time & Expenses

When you invoice by time and expenses, you’ll see the logged time and expenses on the job. You’ll also see how much has been billed of each time entry and expense. 

You can filter the entries by date range, and group by team member, item, or date. Once you've filtered to show the time entries and expenses you want to invoice, select Invoice and your invoice will be generated.

Editing your invoice

Once your invoice is generated, you're then able to edit it by merging line items, adding headers, an introduction, add or change payment terms, and adjust the language. You can also edit the dollar amounts for each line item, add descriptions, headings, set tax and account codes.

Once it's ready to go, you can send it directly to your client by clicking Send. Update contact details, or add another recipient if necessary, and Send away when ready.

Your client will receive a link to view the invoice online, and has the option to download it as a PDF. You’ll then be able to filter invoices that have and haven’t been viewed online through the Jobs List > Invoices.

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