Treat freelancers/contractors as users with limited access

Depending on the type of project, you might want to invite your freelancers & contractors into the system in order to assign them to specific items/phases/jobs. With our fixed price offering, it’s as easy as the pie as you don’t have to worry about paying for them at all (PHEW! Am I right?).

Create a user profile as per usual and edit their permissions. You can find a full article on different levels & permissions here.

💡 Tip: Make sure freelancer cost rates indicate the hourly rates that they’ve quoted you and their sell rates include a mark-up.

When you want to allocate work to a freelancer/contractor you will need to assign them to an Item when planning a job. Once the job is live and the Items have been scheduled, it's time to move into the Schedule to book the work with the appropriate freelancer/s.

Your freelancers can now sign in and work from the To-Do screen, focusing on anything that has their name against it. Click here to find out more about tracking time through To-Dos.

Record freelancers/contractors time as an expense on the job

If you prefer not to invite your freelancers/contractors into Streamtime, that’s all good as you have another option for logging their costs under a job. Any third-party costs incurred on jobs can be captured as Expenses in Streamtime using the Add Expense button within the job.

In our case, the freelancer/contractor time that’s been agreed can be recorded in the QTY section, the cost rate can be added into the cost rate section and if you wish to add a mark-up feel free to do so as well. Feel free to record any notes and agreed SOV in the description field of an expense.

Once you get an invoice for that expense, feel free to tag it as "paid" so you and your team are aware of its status. Click here to find out more about managing third-party costs against the job.

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