There's no problem admitting that you can't do everything. Sometimes you need to hire a printer to print your work, a contractor for their kickass expertise or sometimes you might just need to shout the team a trip to the donut store 🍩 if the job is not as enjoyable as it should be... You can pass those costs onto your client right?!

Any third-party costs incurred on jobs can be captured as Expenses in Streamtime using the Add Expense button within the job. 

When adding the expense, any necessary information can be recorded against it. This includes:

  • Quantities

  • Cost rates

  • Sell rates

  • Markups

  • A description / any necessary notes

  • Purchase dates

  • Supplier reference / purchase order numbers

  • Supplier details

You can also add labels to your expenses to help classify them and make searching for particular expenses easier. Here are some examples of labels you might add to an expense:

  • Booked 📅

  • Paid ✅

  • Travel ✈

  • Rip-off 💸

Any added expenses will appear on quotes and invoices, and are reportable and exportable.

Learn how to create & send purchase orders to your suppliers.

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