With scheduling, sometimes you need to see different things at different times.

Seeing everything at once isn't that helpful: that's why we recommend utilising the different views with specific filters to narrow down what it is you actually want to see.

Check out some of the top use cases below and how you'd get what you need with the right combo of view and filter.

I want to see what's going on this week

You can see day by day schedules in the To Do's view.

If you're looking for which jobs people are actively working on in a given period of time, create a filter for To Do Scheduled in the side bar, and try out the Jobs and their people view. You'll then see any jobs that have To Do's scheduled. Turnkey them open to see all the people underneath.

I want to see upcoming deadlines and milestones

You can now filter by Item due date or Milestone date. Neat, huh?

Using these filters, the schedule will display any jobs that have item due dates within the date range you specify. You can filter in any view, but the best view for this would be Jobs and their items.

I want to see what jobs a specific team member is working on

Best view for this is People and their jobs. You'll see each team member's assigned jobs underneath their names and any job-specific To Do's there. Narrow down the view to the team member(s) you want this information for. You can also exclude certain jobs with the filters.

For example, many customers tag their internal jobs with a job label. Add a filter for Job Label is not [whatever you label your Internal jobs with] and you'll see only jobs without that label. Below you'll see we've filtered to see Andy's jobs that are not internal, that are due after 16 April.

I've planned Sarah on a job that's due to start in May, and created my filters, but it doesn't appear!

The filter will only return jobs with To Do's that have been painted into the schedule, not just planned time on an item. If you've got planned time for a team member, and you want these jobs to appear, paint in blocks of time to create bookings.

If the job's not yet signed off, why not use the Paused To Do functionality? Find out more about Paused To Do's here.

I want to book some time into someone's schedule.

You can do this in all the views, but it depends how you want to do it.

Scheduling by person's day-to-day schedule: paint in tasks using the To Do's view, or by clicking and entering information in the modal.

Scheduling by person for one specific job: paint in tasks under that specific job in the People and their jobs view.

Scheduling out a specific job: Go to the Jobs and their items view and paint in tasks under specific items on team members.

Scheduling out team members on a specific job: If you've got team members working on multiple items for one job, and you want to schedule all of their time in one place, go to the Jobs and their people view and paint in tasks for the team member, selecting items in the modal as you paint in the time.

I want to set item dates in the schedule.

In the Jobs and their items view, turnkey the phase and item open that you want to paint. Click and drag to paint in the item dates. You can also move these bars and move dates with them, but To Do's will not move.

If you have a particular item that spans a long time (eg, months), and you want to set the start and end date for that item, best to do this from the job page item card.

The dates you set in any area (Schedule, Timeline, Job Item Card) will reflect everywhere else you see job dates.

We know, we know: you want to add milestones to my jobs in the schedule. We're aware this would be super handy, and we haven't released this yet, but we have this in mind for a future update :) For now, add milestones to your jobs from the Timeline tab in the job page.

I want to see all the jobs that have a specific team lead.

From our research, this is a pretty big use case. Often we find companies have a lead project manager, or creative director, or manager of any kind!

First, make sure you're labelling your jobs with Labels that denote the team lead. Then, create a filter to show only jobs with the labels with that lead. These are great for WIPs, which you might run regularly, so be sure to save the filter and view as a favourite.

I want to see what our upcoming capacity is to take on new work.

You've got a new project come in, but you're not sure who's going to work on it, and how you'll fit it in. That's where the Availability screen comes in. Click the three-dot menu in the header bar to bring down the availability menu, and see availability in weekly and monthly groupings. Use this overall view in conjunction with your schedule views to plan new work. Currently, availability will always take paused To Do's into account.

How do I see how my projects are going?

Aside from seeing the used/planned figures on your job page, you can also export reports out of the Jobs List.

But if you're looking to track how well a job is going and include time scheduled as well as logged, take a look at the job progress column in the Jobs and their items view.

By default, you will see your used + scheduled time vs planned, ie the sum of time logged and what's booked in To Do yet to be done vs against what you planned for the job.

You can roll over the tooltip on the job, items and team members for more information. If you have financial permission, you'll see the sell value of these figures included and you'll be able to switch this to a dollar view in the Visibility Settings in the sidebar.

You can also switch the calculation to show scheduled vs remaining time, that is, time you. have in the schedule vs any remaining hours planned (minus logged time), or the corresponding financial calculation.

Got more questions or setups of use cases we haven't thought of? Let us know your favourite Schedule views by messaging us in the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen in Streamtime.

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