Looking to block out some time on a team member for an upcoming job, but it's not quite signed off yet, so you don't want them to start working?

Paused To Do's are your best friend. Check out Chapter 5 of our scheduling how-to video to see it in action:

How Paused To Do's work:

  • Paint in time for a paused item in the schedule and the To Do block will appear with a dashed line around the edge. Perfect for when a project hasn't had a final sign off or you are waiting for assets.

  • Paused To Do's will not appear on your assigned team members' individual To Do screen, because they're designed to be soft hold bookings, and you don't want them to get started.

  • On your Schedule, navigate to the Visibility Setting to Include Paused To Do's in your schedule and include them in your Team's availability.

  • Paused To Do's with appear on your schedule and beware 🐻, they will affect availability calculations. This allows you to see how potential jobs might impact your team's capacity.

  • Change the status of the To Do from Paused back to In Play from the schedule (jobs & their items view) or by heading back into the job details view.

Adding in a Paused To Do:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page

  2. Make sure Include Paused To Do's is turned on in your Visibility Settings

  3. Filter by Job Status with only Paused checked

  4. Add in a To Do as normal and it will add to the Schedule with a dotted line around it confirming it is a Paused To Do

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