Looking to block out some time on a team member for an upcoming job, but it's not quite signed off yet, so you don't want them to start working?

Paused To Do's are your best friend.

Paint in time for a paused item in the schedule and the To Do block will appear with a dashed line around the edge. This is your shortcut to maybe-it'll-come-through-maybe-it-won't. Or, they-haven't-sent-the-assets-yet.

Paused To Do's will not appear on your assigned team members' individual To Do screen, because they're designed to be soft hold bookings, and you don't want them to get started. They will appear in your schedule however, and affect your availability calculations in the schedule.

If you toggle Include Paused on and off in the visibility settings in your sidebar, you'll be able to see how including Paused To Do's affect your team's schedule and availability.

Check out Chapter 5 of our scheduling how-to video to see it in action:

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