To keep your Jobs list tidy and relevant, you'll need to archive jobs once they're completed and invoiced. See here for info on Item Stages.

Archiving Jobs

You can archive a job for either the Jobs List ..

.. or from a specific job itself

Restoring archived jobs

Should you need to work on that job again, restoring a job is easy - just follow the same actions as above.

You can do this from the jobs list or from the specific job itself.

💡 Tip: You don't need to restore a job to duplicate it. Perfect for creating and managing those template jobs.

Including archived jobs in your searches

Note that archived jobs are not included in your searches by default, to help you focus on what's a priority.

We've made it super easy to include archived jobs though.

If there are no existing filters on your search, you'll see a shortcut link to 'include archived jobs'.

Otherwise, you can add a filter (second icon on the right panel) for Job Status and tick on the relevant ones, including archived.

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