Duplicating a job is a great way to save time when building projects and you can set up job templates to create uniformity across similar projects and/or clients.

Duplicating jobs

When you want to duplicate a job, simply click on the three dots in the top right and click duplicate.

You'll get a pop up allowing you to change your key job information; the job name, company, rate card and branch.

Before duplicating, you can also choose what you want to copy over from the original job, including copying over your item dates and dependencies and selecting when they should start.

When you're ready, just click Create & Plan to open your new job.

Setting up template jobs

Job templates are commonly used for similar projects and/or clients. They work well for repeat jobs, retainers and much more.

To build a template job, follow the same steps you would to create a job.

Add 'template' to the job name for easy reference, and a 'template' label to make searching easy.

We recommend archiving template jobs to keep your jobs list tidy, and to avoid people adding time against them.

💡 Tip: Create a saved view for all the template jobs to make finding and duplicating quick and easy.

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