Creating a job in Streamtime has never been easier. 

Job Creation

From the menu simply head to the jobs area. Here, all you'll need to do is hit new Job to bring up the new job card and start creating. 

Pro Tip: If you just hit 'n' on your keyboard it will also bring up the card 😉

Now you just need to give your Job a name and a client then ensure the job is linked to the accurate rate card and a branch (if applicable).

Once you're happy with the detail hit Create & Plan. That will take you straight into the job for you to start planning 👍

It's best to ensure your job plan has everything you need to easily quote & invoice your client. If the client's contact doesn't exist you can create them straight from here. We have also given you all the freedom in the world to create the job number just how you want. Streamtime will remember the last number used just to keep you in line. Job labels are fantastic when it comes to grouping jobs together or identifying a type of job, so add a label or 2 into the job plan straight away!

Job Planning 

To plan your job, simply hit on the new item button and you can start adding in the various aspects of the job. 

If you want to pre populate your list to make it even easier you can. If you go to your Menu > Profile & Settings > Master Settings > Items & Expenses and create your list there.

Using this list allows you to quickly create your job adding in all of your services to accurately plan the job. Add who you plan on doing the work and the estimated hours. Move your Items around to help arrange your workflow and now you are ready to Quote.

Head here for more information about Pricing Options when Creating Job Items.

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