When creating a new job in Streamtime, you may notice that you have the choice to include a job number for that job. 

You may wish to include a job number if this is a fundamental element of your work process, or simply for reference's sake as is the case for many studios, but job numbers are by all means not essential in Streamtime.

When creating a job, we know that it can be useful to know what the previous job number used was - either overall, or for a particular client. To save you the trouble of finding this yourself, Streamtime will provide you with this information, right next to the Job Number field.

Within the job, you can see, edit, delete, or add the job number just above the job name.

Whilst we're pretty proud of the flexibility we've permitted with job numbers currently in Streamtime, we're always working hard to come up with solutions to our users' challenges. 

Check out our roadmap to see the improvements we're looking at making to job numbers. Don't forget to give it a vote if you'd like to see it happen, and a Follow to be notified when it does happen.

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