The existing FileMaker version of Streamtime has been renamed Streamtime Classic, with the new version becoming Streamtime. We are committed to supporting Streamtime Classic for as long as we can, and will continue to do so from the UK, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

Streamtime was launched in April 2016. We gave ourselves some lofty targets within our first year, and have solved some key problems. 

You can see what we have done, and what's next for Streamtime on our roadmap.

If you haven’t taken a peek at Streamtime yet, you can check it out by signing up for a free trial

If you are an existing Streamtime Classic user, we are more than happy to offer you an extended trial to see if it's a right fit for you - just ask! 

If you love Streamtime Classic and have no intention of moving, then that’s no problem – we won’t be forcing anyone to move.

There are two plans within Streamtime - Standard and Premium. Premium is great for teams, and contains advanced resource scheduling and team planning. 

Check out our pricing to learn more about the two plans.

For details on our migration process head over to the following article - Migration from Streamtime Classic to Streamtime.

If you have any question, please let us know by emailing

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