We are making it as easy as possible to move from Streamtime Classic to the new Streamtime.

Import contacts into Streamtime

Whilst your contacts from Streamtime Classic can be imported into Streamtime via the Company and People Import tool (more on this here), this is the only data that can be brought directly into the system. However, this isn't doom and gloom, we have a plan.

What happens to your Streamtime Classic database?

We know your Streamtime Classic data is important to keep for reference, and we know that it would be unfair if you had to pay extra just to keep that information. 

So, when you switch from Streamtime Classic to Streamtime, you will be able to keep an archive of your data for you to reference on your local Mac or PC. 

The archive looks and works exactly like Streamtime Classic (only it's read-only) and will allow you to access your Streamtime Classic data. 

For example, you may need to re-print an old invoice or look up and old Quote - no problem.

We are providing this read-only archive for FREE only for subscribers of the new Streamtime.

💡Streamtime Pro Tip: We recommend that you use Streamtime alongside Streamtime Classic for at least a month prior to committing to the migration.

This will allow you to enter in any Work In Progress and get the team into the new Streamtime.

Once you're happy with the new Streamtime, simply contact us to stop your Classic subscription and move you to your new Streamtime plan.

It's important to be sure the new Streamtime does what you need it to as we cannot roll your data back into Streamtime Classic once you have committed to the switch.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

  • The read-only app of Streamtime Classic will have one user account with FULL ACCESS. That one account will be able to access all areas of the system, see all costs and run all reports as needed.

  • FileMaker server must be uninstalled once you have the read-only archive.

  • Access to the Streamtime Classic Web interface will stop once we decommission your FileMaker Server.

  • Once you have the stand alone version of your Streamtime Classic database it will not be possible to revert to the Streamtime Classic system. It is important that the decision to move is made after a period of time using both, and the differences between the two are fully understood.

  • If you've pre-paid for Classic on our annual subscription we will credit your new Streamtime account with the remaining balance.

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