Setting up Streamtime is a sinch when you can import your Contacts 💁 

i. Importing Data from a Third Party

If you company and contact information is stored in a third party app, the first step is to export that detail out to csv or excel format.

Importing contacts into Streamtime involves populating a .CSV template for Companies and Contacts. You can find these templates in Streamtime by heading to Contacts and selecting Import Companies / Contacts from the menu in the top-right of the window and selecting 'Download and edit our sample csv file'.

Once you have populated the template, you must import the Companies first, and then the people by choosing the Select CSV file to upload button and correct file name. Streamtime will then attempt to automatically match the column names in your csv to the correct field in Streamtime. The suggested import will display as per below - if the fields are not correctly mapped, you can update them manually.

Streamtime will automatically link People to a Company if the company name matches in the Contacts .CSV template file.

ii. Importing Data from Streamtime Classic

This process is the same as above, with the addition of the export out of Streamtime Classic. To ensure the column headings are exported correctly (to help with the data import), exporting to excel format and then saving as CSV is recommended. The below video steps you through the entire process.

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