We've knocked out a massive release which will help you plan and track your jobs with third-party expenses.

The important stuff: if you use lots of expenses/POs, a must read!

The status of some of your Purchase Orders have changed. All amounts in Draft Expenses and POs are no longer included in your job's Total, so all Expenses and Draft POs created prior to release have been migrated to Approved, in order to make sure the numbers on your job stayed unchanged.

Depending on what reports you had set up, you may also need to set up new filters to show whether or not a Purchase Order has been Sent, as the current Status column has changed (read on to find out more).

Read about what we've changed with your Purchase Orders.

Special Mentions 🏆

  • By very popular demand... ✨ Streamtime now allows you to choose a status for an expense. You are now able to determine whether you want to include the expense figure in the Planned amount of a job, both the Total Used and Planned, or not at all. A huge update which has taken a lot of thinking and work. Read more about statuses here.

  • Your job page summary has changed. Now that you have the power to decide which Expenses and Purchase Orders are included in your job's Total Used figure, we've reworked the job page summary a little to better reflect the way a job is tracked.

  • Top right now shows your Total Used / Planned ($), including time and expenses. Instead of displaying just used/planned time as it does currently, you'll also see the running used total of the job in terms of time and Approved or Paid expenses, alongside your Total Planned Sell. You will still be able to compare your Total Used vs your Budget as you'll see the Budget figure just stacked below.

  • Purchase Order statuses have been updated to align with the new Expense statuses — woohoo! The old status for Sent Purchase Orders is now separate, and you can not only view if a PO has been sent or not, but also its sent date. Oh yeah!

  • Our connection with Xero has been improved. You can now send your Expenses and Purchase Order statuses to Xero, and have status changes made in Xero reflect in Streamtime. Read more about how our integration with Xero works here. Just saying, this one is a massive win for those customers with separate finance teams 🙌

  • Speaking of Xero, you can now select account codes from any one of the chart of accounts now — adding Assets, Liabilities and Equity account codes to our already supported Revenue and Expenses codes.

Improvements 💅

  • You can now view a team member's role on the job item card, plus search for the role when you're adding a team member

  • If two people with the same role work on the same item, you can also now see the grouped used/planned figures for that role on the item. Great for knowing "how much Senior Designer" time was spent, at a glance

  • A ton of usability improvements related to the new expense statuses!

    • You can now line up batch actions from the expenses list — batch send to accounting or change status

    • You can access and refresh your Expense and PO statuses from the expenses list on the job and the larger expense list

    • You can now view all your expenses on a new modal on the job page

    • You can (finally, we know) duplicate expenses from the 3-dot menu, and create new expenses or POs from that modal

  • If you send or mark an invoice as sent after you've pushed it to Xero, it will now move into Awaiting Payment rather than staying as Draft once you Send changes to Xero. Woohoo!

Fixes 🛠

  • Downloaded invoices vs sent PDFs used to have different names. Now they're consistent 🙂

  • The tax number on a quote wasn't visible in the edit stage, and now it is!

Want more?

Check out the webinar Michael and Sarah ran on our latest releases (in case you missed anything fancy) here.

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