Invoicing and Purchase Orders were updated to match the functionality of our newly released quoting.

Global updates to quotes, invoices and purchase orders

👀 What your client sees is different to what you see. This is a fundamental change across commercial documents in Streamtime. You'll be able to tweak what you see on screen, then choose what information to send to your client. We have updated the interface to allow for this functionality, and given the existing templates a little tweak.

📎 Attach a PDF on send. Just like invoices, quotes and purchase orders now also are able to have an attached PDF on the email that you send to your client or supplier.

💰 Displaying unit rates. By popular demand, quotes, invoices and purchase orders now all have unit rates built in, including the ability to recalculate your totals. Boom!

✏️ Phase/heading introductions, and rich text across all descriptions. You can now bold, italic, or style text in your descriptions differently across all commercial documents.

☑️ Ability to merge multiple line items at once. Dragging and dropping items one at a time was painful - particularly for those big estimates. Now you can select multiple items to merge at the same time.

➕ You can now update quotes and invoices with items and expenses from the job plan. Select add from job plan to edit and update an existing quote or invoice.

🎨 More fonts to select from for templates. When you select your template, you can further customise by selecting from a number of fonts.

Updates specific to to invoices and purchase orders

📄 Sending separate account codes to Xero for each line item, but only invoicing a group total. We're big on value-based pricing here, which means you might quote a larger section of work to your client, and want to invoice a group of items together, but allocate each line item to different general ledger codes. Now you can do it.

🔎 Invoice payment history will be a lot easier to see. Once you record a payment to an invoice, the sidebar displays an audit trail of payments and a total balance remaining, so it's simple see what's left. This applies only to accounts not integrated with accounting packages.

📅 Purchase order payment dates now display the date that payment is recorded, not just the date that it is receipted in Streamtime.

🤩 Purchase orders will now have names! We've introduced names to Purchase Orders so you can easily identify them. Existing POs are populated with names detailing creation date, but these are easily changed by editing the purchase order.

🧾 Purchase orders now have markup and sell per line item, rather than a total sell for all line items. Sometimes you have items you'd like to mark up separately, on one purchase order. Previously you only had a total markup: no longer!

📍 Purchase orders pull through to quotes and invoices as individual line items. If you add a PO from your job plan to your quote or invoice, it will come through as a heading with individual line items separately. No more automatic grouping. Extra helpful if your PO line items have different nominal codes in your accounts package.

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