Why we introduced a timer

A lot of our users are used to tracking their time with a Start/Stop timer. And to create a simple integrated solution linking everything in Streamtime, this is now available to you.

We still highly recommend you and the team planning your week via the SCHEDULE area and individual TO DO area Streamtime, however we understand the need to keep an eye on ad hoc tasks you are working on.
Need to jump on a quick design amend? Got an unplanned internal review? Just click Start/Stop and track your time. 

Where to find the timer

You are looking for the timer and can't find it? If it's not yet available in your Streamtime account, let us know and we can let you trial it. 

How to use it

Start the timer

Just head to the TODO area. Then click on an existing task or add a new one. When clicking on 'Create' (for new tasks) or 'Save' (for existing ones) you will see the option 'Start Working'. Just hit it and get started. 

A small timer will appear on the task item you are working on. 

You will also see it in the side menu. 

Stop the timer

Whenever, you are ready, or need to jump onto something else, just click on the task again. Then 'Save' and you will see the option 'Stop Working' - hit it and you will get a couple of options.

Log your tracked time

  1. One will be to log the tracked time and leave the remainder of the planned time in your TO DO so you don't forget about it and can jump easily into it again. If you untick the check box you will just log the time and the remainder will disappear - considering the task done for now. 

  2. The second option will clear the timer and log nothing. Only use this if you didn't actually want to track the time as it will erase the log.  

There you go, no more third party integration, no more reconciliation, no more guessing. Just get started.
If you forget to press Stop on a task we'll check in with you after 8hrs or the next day to see how your nightshift went.

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