The Job Timeline is the best way to see the bigger picture of a job, add Milestones and easily change the dates of items. The short video below details how the Timeline works.

Why the Job Timeline is exciting:

  • You can easily add and change dates for items and phases on your planned out job.

  • From the Timeline, you can add in Milestones for key project events like Client Review or Client Meeting. You can even filter for Milestones from the Job Page.

  • Export your Timeline into a Summary or Timeline PDF to share with your client.

  • Zoom in and out to see the bigger picture of how your project has been planned.

Job Timeline

🖇️ ✨You can now also link job items together by joining them with dependencies, making setting timelines and dates a breeze. Read more on how dependencies work here.

Job Timeline and Statuses

🌈 You can also change your job item statuses on your job page, and they will show up nicely on your job timeline! 😎 Learn more about job statuses here.

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