What are custom templates?

Custom templates for your quotes, invoices and purchase orders allow you to adjust the look, feel and brand — giving you full flexibility and control over how your client or supplier-facing documents look. Huzzah!

How does it work?

In order to use custom templates, you will need to create a Twig template. A Twig template combines an HTML structure with your data to produce the final customer's view.

Once your custom templates feature is enabled, tap the ‘create custom template’ button on a Quote, Invoice or Purchase Order.

Streamtime will allow you to download a sample template, so you can see how it works. We’ll also provide you with sample data from the document you’ve selected to preview it with — so you can see what information is mapped to each variable.

The sample template provides for quotes, invoices and purchase orders, all in one. This means you’re able to use one template across all your documents.

What’s Twig?

Twig is our rendering engine. The template maps in variables from your data into the HTML document. Twig documentation is provided here for your developer. Another useful tool for development may be Twig Fiddle, which allows you to preview the HTML output of your Twig template.

Adjust your template, then return to the modal. You’re now able to set your margins and orientation. Once that’s done, select your template file, and you’ll see a preview. All good? Name your template and confirm. You can now select this template in your sidebar.


Creating a Twig HTML template requires developer knowledge. We strongly recommend you engage a developer to create this template for you. Streamtime does not create templates, and we do not provide technical support for the creation of the templates.

I want to use my fonts!

You can absolutely use your own fonts! We do not host fonts at Streamtime. In order to use your brand fonts, you’ll have to self-host, or link to a library in the cloud such as Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts. Same goes for images. You can use our file path to your organisation logo, or you can link to the outside world.

Hmm, your sample template has so much capability, but I only want to use it for quotes.

That’s fine! The sample is as flexible as possible in order to help you create all your branded documents in one fell swoop. The sample also allows you to support different visibility settings on your documents. You can use as little or as much of it as you like.

Reach out to Streamtime if you are interested in enabling this functionality on your account.

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