We are making it as easy as possible to move from Streamtime Classic to the new Streamtime.

The new Streamtime has a totally different structure and we decided it was in the best interest of our users not to try and import jobs and other information from Streamtime Classic. It is possible however to import your contact lists from Classic and we have an article here on how to do that. 

We know that your historical Streamtime Classic data is important to keep for reference and we know its unfair for you to have to pay extra to keep that information. 

We are offering to turn your Streamtime database into a read only app that you can keep on your local Mac or PC. This will allow you to access your Streamtime Classic data anytime, without needing FileMaker Pro, and will keep it all in the exact format you had it in. For example you may need to re-print an invoice or purchase order or quote from the past - no problem it will be exactly as it was before.

We are providing this read only app FREE only for subscribers of the new Streamtime.

Streamtime Pro Tip:  To ensure you're 100% sure you want to move we are asking you to use both systems for a least a month. We will keep your free trial of the New Streamtime open to give you plenty of time to evaluate it and prepare. Once you're happy with the new Streamtime simply enter your credit card to start the new subscription and contact us to stop your Classic subscription. It's important to be sure the new Streamtime does what you need it to as we cannot roll your data back to the Classic version at a later date.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The read only app of Streamtime Classic will have one user account with FULL ACCESS. That one account will be able to access all areas of the system, see all costs and run all reports as needed.
  • The task calendar and gantt charts will no longer work in the read only app due to technical restrictions with this type of file.
  • Save as PDF will no longer work on Windows - this is due to an Adobe license limitation of the read only app.  On a Mac you can use the print > 'save as pdf' menu option if required.
  • All copies of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro server must be un-installed once we supply you with the read only app (the read only app is a free runtime version that does not require FileMaker to run).
  • Access to the Streamtime Classic Web interface will stop once we decommission your FileMaker Server.
  • Once we create the stand alone version of your Streamtime Classic database it will not be possible to revert to the Streamtime Classic system. It is important that the decision to move is made after a period of time using both and the differences between the two are fully understood.
  • If you've pre-paid for Classic on our annual subscription we will credit your new Streamtime account with the remaining balance.

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