In Streamtime you are able to add terms and conditions to your quote. They will automatically appear on every quote you create – just like other general styling options (logo position, font, quote acceptance).

On any Draft quote, simply tick on the option to show Terms & Conditions and a new page will appear on your quote. If the quote is already Pending, Declined or Approved, you will first need to click to make changes again in the black bar at the top.

Setting up Master Terms & Conditions

Head to the Settings area on a quote in order to setup your master terms & conditions.

Clicking Master Terms & Conditions will open a window with a text field where you can include your company's terms & conditions. 

These T&Cs will be applied to all future quotes. Existing quotes will not change.

You can elect to update the current quote with the new terms (if you edit the master Terms & Conditions), and to update the terms & conditions for all future quotes.

Editing Terms & Conditions

If you need to edit, or make adjustments to the terms & conditions of a particular quote, you can easily do this by making any necessary changes directly to the T&Cs on the quote. 

If you make a mistake and wish to revert to the master Terms & Conditions, then just click Revert to master Terms & Conditions underneath the T&Cs field...

... and if you made a mistake clicking this button, then don't worry - we'll give you 10 seconds of grace to undo this action.

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