Major updates 🏆🏆

  • Select items and expenses to appear on your quotes. Part one of a larger quoting project, you can now select exactly what you want included on a quote from your job plan. You can also tweak your quote by adjusting figures using the unit rate and quantities more easily, without affecting your job plan.

    Don't worry — you can still generate full job plan quotes in one click by visiting the Create button on the job and selecting Quick Quote.

  • Timeline dependencies: Set up links between different item dates on your job timeline or the schedule (woohoo!). You can also now duplicate item dates and durations, including their dependencies: supercharge your templates. Find out more about how dependencies work here.

Special Mentions 🏆

  • WIP and Billing reports. Fresh out of our beta release last month, all accounts can now see a year's worth of time and expenses data, by month per job, in one place on the WIP report, and a year's worth of invoices, by month per job on the Billing report. Want more info? Find out more here.

    Subscribers can select who is able to view the Reporting section by activating the Reporting permission on user accounts, so chat to your account subscriber if it's not appearing for you.

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