Major update 🏆🏆

  • Quoting Improvements continued (Stage 2 of 3) - Extending on the ability to select items and expenses included on a quote introduced in our last release. Stage 2 of 3 extends the quote wizard to allow users further control on what and how information is displayed. This is a major piece of work that solves a number of use cases raised by clients. Full detail available in this article - Quote wizard explained

  • Stage 3 work has begun which extends the additional functionality introduced in this quote wizard work into invoices and purchase orders. Stage 3 is scheduled to be released in late November 2021.

Additional Improvements 🏆

  • Delete confirmation message was hidden for expenses, quotes and invoices - not anymore...

  • "Shared with me" reports were showing on the WIP & Billing page and returning an error if selected.

  • Editing an existing invoice with a PO Number now copies across to Xero when sending changs.

  • Job pricing permission allows users to see expense cost rates.

  • API updates - Exchange rate on quote via postman correct, rate card information now available.

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