• Were you eagle-eyed? We set loose some pretty awesome functionality a few weeks ago and kept it to ourselves... you can now create multi-currency rate cards. Creating a rate card in a currency other than your home currency will allow you to quote, track, and invoice a job all in that foreign currency. It's pretty neat. Find out more info here.

Special Mentions 🏆

  • You can now set the sharing levels of your Priority boards with your team. As a rule, all Priority boards were shared to everyone, with full access. Now you can set who can view or edit your board by hovering over the 'add person' icon on the top each board.

  • Shhh... we've silently released a section in Beta: WIP and Billing reports. You can now get a year's worth of time and expenses data, per job, in one place on the WIP Report. Group by company or branch and filter to exclude anything you don't want to. Want to see your invoices for each job by month? Navigate to the Billing report.

    Sound interesting? Here's a sneak peek:

    This one's currently only available by request. Reach out to our CS team to get this activated ✨

  • You can now manage multiple addresses on a company, and change these easily on a quote, invoice or PO. Simply head to the Company page to edit your existing addresses.

  • That's not all — easily change the contact on a quote, invoice or PO simply by selecting an alternate from the dropdowns. The contact on the job will remain the same.

  • The Timeline on the job page has had a quick spruce up: you'll see your item names on the left hand column, so you always know what you're looking at, and paint item dates in like on the schedule — PLUS you can even zoom out a touch further and see your timeline over months!

  • You can now filter what you want to appear on your job feed in Activity — simply click the icons to include or include the information (posts, comments, and activity log). We'll keep recording activity even if it's not shown.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • PO Status is now exported when exporting a CSV from the jobs list

  • You can now edit the PO field on an invoice so you can quickly adjust it instead of overriding the job PO number.

  • Previously, users without financial access were unable to see the time report. Now these users are able to see logged hours in the Time report.

  • UI updates to the setting columns in the jobs lists, so you'll only see the columns you are showing — helping you drag and drop them to change your display.

  • ICYMI: in our last release...

    • we added some new filters on the jobs lists including Job Completed Date, Milestone Date, To Do Scheduled or Logged and Item Start or Due Dates

    • we added the ability to change a job status on the jumbotron of each individual job page

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