Welcome to the world of automation. Create a repeating ToDo for yourself and (or) your team then make it.. repeat for as long as you want. As simple as that!

Repeating ToDos can be created from:

  • Job Page

  • ToDo modal on the ToDo screen

  • ToDo modal on the ToDo schedule

  • The Job Activity menu

Here's how it goes:

  1. Create a repeating ToDo

  2. Give it a title

  3. Find a job & an item

  4. Choose your team & allocate a team member

  5. Set up the repeat rules - dates, increments etc

  6. Voila!

Repeating ToDo Behaviour:

  • Accessed via ToDo Page (Add New flow), Schedule ToDo (3 dots), Job Page (3 dot) and new activity menu.

  • The number of repeats are capped at 12. This allows for weekly for a quarter, or monthly for a year and means system performance isn’t affected by large numbers of repeating todo’s for entire teams.

  • Duplicating a job will not duplicate the repeating To Do’s

  • Moving or deleting a repeating To Do via the To Do page or Schedule To Do will display a message advising the To Do is part of a recurring series. (this will be extended in future to capture resizing, moving and re-assigning).

  • Some actions will cause a To Do to tear away from the repeating series:

Logging a To Do that is part of a repeating series of To Do’s

Dragging a To Do across multiple days

Resizing, moving or re-assigning

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