Want the ability to set different rates for different clients or groups of clients?

You can now create multiple rate cards and assign a single client or a number of clients to that rate. Next time a job is created for that company...you guessed it, the new rates are pulled through.

  • Your roles, items and expenses can have a number of pricing tiers

  • Define specific, agreed upon rates for a particular client.

  • Define a rate card for a specific type of client - NFP, Corporate, Startup with appropriate rates.

  • Duplicate an existing rate card and apply a percentage variance on creation.

Head to your Master Settings and start setting those up.

Once created, feel free to link those to specific clients for the ease of job planning in the future.

Fixed Price Items

Can now be created directly in your master list - also supporting different rate cards.

Expense Markups

Want to apply a standard % markup on a particular expense. Now you can...

Feel free to check out this webinar on rate cards & roles, if still unclear 👍🏻

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