A lot of our users receive PO numbers from their clients for a job to go ahead. The job may not be invoiced for weeks or months so it's important to store the details somewhere on the job.

You can achieve this by adding it straight to the job which will in turn pull through to any existing or newly created quotes and invoices on that job.

If you wish to add multiple POs, we recommend using a "/" between the different PO numbers. Alternatively, you can use the Reference field and rename it to PO Number - useful if you have multiple POs but want to share different ones on different invoices.

Note: Xero only has a reference field so the PO will be recorded in this reference field on Xero. If you are also using Streamtime's Reference field, both will pull through to Xero's reference field.

Features: Purchase Orders on Jobs, POs, PO Numbers, Client Purchase Orders

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