Invoicing updates for all, a nifty shortcut and some spring cleaning...

Major 🏆🏆

Invoicing Wizard

We've released some huge invoicing updates. This work has been through some rigorous user testing and we can't wait to release it to the masses. Particularly handy if you invoice percentages or in stages - detailed information and tutorial video can be found here.

Change the status of all items (Pause/Play/Complete)

Just got the go ahead for a job and want to move all the items from paused to play? Easy peasy. Just click on the three dots, next to the create button, to open up this menu.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

Design tweak on job item

We shifted the chevron to expand the detail on a job item from the right to the left making it more consistent with the rest of the app and expected behaviour.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Under a specific set of circumstances, deleting a phase from a job was not removing the phase. We've made sure once they've been deleted they don't come back.

  • Searching by user via our API is now working as expected. Found them.

  • We improved our new 'mark as billed' option on time entries within a job. The invoiced amount displays as green when time has been invoiced (even when the $ sell is 0). Green is good.

  • Our brand spanking new Invoicing wizard now handles negative $ line items. We hope you're not paying your clients for your work ;)

  • Creating a new item on a PO now correctly calculates the total instantaneously rather than displaying a different amount until the PO is saved.

  • Order of line items were changing when duplicating a quote/invoice. We've brought them inline ;)

  • Paused items snuck into ToDo sidebar. We kicked them out...

  • Command-click 'Go To Job' in ToDo right-click menu wasn't opening in a new tab - we made it so.

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