Current item card design gives your job page more organised and a clean look. 

In order to open up your items use a Turn Key System to see your full item card including additional Information; team on the job & sub-items

Sub-items are miniature tasks / milestones making up an item and that your team can check off once done. Sub-items sit in between ToDo’s and an Item and another way to collaborate with your team on what needs to be completed. 

You can simply hide this information by using a turn key alternatively use icons to  view what’s required.

Streamtime Tip:

  • It clearly displays when a sub item was completed and who it was completed by on a job item
  • Item card now has tooltips on the icons to give a bit of heads up as to what they do
  • When you duplicate a job, you can also duplicate your sub-items 
  • We remember what the user had expanded on a job item so returning to that job will display those preferences.
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