Streamtime gives easier access to the data you need to see via custom reports. This allows you to see what you need to run a smart, efficient and profitable business all in one place. 

Report on Quotes, Invoices, Time, Expenses and Jobs - YOUR WAY

Can I measure profit on jobs or by client?   ✅

Can I see which jobs are running over budget?    ✅

How much profit did I make on expenses?    ✅

Have I invoiced the entire job correctly?    ✅

Want to see a list of Pending Quotes?   ✅

Time entered by your team this week?   ✅

Overdue invoices?   ✅

Unpaid invoices?   ✅

Or the one that leaves a big smile on your face – invoices paid this month?   ✅

All this and more can be created and viewed in simple, customisable, searchable lists. You choose the columns you'd like visible, then add relevant filters and Save as a favourite. With this customisation the reporting options are endless.

In the Job section under columns we provide a number of fields that you can turn on or off. Here is a list of them, what they all mean, and how we calculate them:

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