A lot of our users receive PO numbers from their clients for a job to go ahead. The invoice may not be invoiced for weeks or months, so it's important to store the details somewhere on the job.

The easiest way to achieve this, is by adding it straight to the job. Here is our recommendation. 

1)  Head to Profile & Settings > Master Settings
2) Create a new 'Item'
3) Call it 'PO Details', then add a description e.g. PO number, Value, Supplied by etc.

4) Head to a job, add an item and choose the newly created 'PO Details' item. You can now add all the details here. Ideally create job templates and include this item so it's always available on each job.

5) When issuing quotes or invoices the item (PO details), including all the details, will push through and be visible. That's it!

6) If you prefer to feature the PO number just in the header on the invoice follow the previous steps and then: Add the 'Reference' field to the invoice and name it to 'PO number'. Then copy the number from your item into the field. You can now delete the 'item' from the invoice. 

Features: Purchase Orders on Jobs, POs, PO Numbers, Client Purchase Orders

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