Streamtime has changed the way you get around, so you can get where you're going faster. That's not all: we've included some big-ticket improvements that will have you all smiling with wild abandon.

Special Mentions 🏆

🧭 New navigation sidebar

Get around Streamtime faster with our new navigation sidebar, reducing the number of clicks you need to move around the product with ease. Keyboard shortcuts letting you know how to jump to a different area are clearer, and you can even jump directly to a tab link from the main menu.

🔎 New Streamtime-wide Search

Search the names and numbers of jobs, quotes, invoices, expenses and purchase orders with our new global search. Click the magnifying glass icon on the sidebar or press ctrl-K or ⌘-K to open the search. Results are sorted by creation date (most to least recent).

⭐️ Starred & 👀 Recently Viewed lists

Your activity drawer will split into three sections: Starred, Recently Viewed, and Notifications, rather than just Notifications.

Your Recently Viewed tab will show the latest Jobs, Quotes, Invoices, Expenses and POs. From here, you can star pages to have them turn up in your Starred List for easy access.

Great for:

  • Frequently used Job templates

  • Internal Jobs like annual leave or in-house projects

  • Retainer Jobs that you want to keep handy for just one month

  • Pending Quotes you want to keep track of

  • Your fave Priority Boards: WIP or personal workflow included

  • ... plus any other jobs, quotes, invoices, POs or boards you want to bookmark for easy access

🎹 More keyboard shortcuts, and a way to find them all

Those handy jump-to-area keyboard shortcuts have been expanded! Introducing more shortcuts to get around the product, and extra ways to speed up your flow. There are plenty to come, but here's a taste:

[ and ] open and close the filter sidebars from any page that has a sidebar

/ focuses into the search bar of any page that has a search field

A opens and closes your Activity drawer from anywhere

T opens the Create To Do modal from anywhere

Z opens split mode in the Schedule, so you can cut up those long blocks quickly
I, E and P let you quickly add a new Item, Expense or Phase when on a Job

... plus many more

Need a list of all the shortcuts? Type ? or head to the help menu to open a full list.

Improvements 💅

New filters and columns for your list views, and more actions for your jobs

We've got some super useful new columns and filters to help you supercharge your custom reports.

  • Expense-related filters and columns to support our latest update on Expense statuses

  • A new filter and column for Budget Variance by percentage: set up custom reports to alert you when jobs are coming close to their budget

  • Ability to view unlogged time on your time list by adding a To Do Status filter

  • New batch actions including add/remove label for all lists, and change job status for multiple jobs at once

  • Duplicate job from the list view or change job status (Pause, Play, Complete)

  • Ability to edit a completion date of your job: now you can change the completion date of a job to improve the accuracy of your reports

📖 Team Members and Contacts update

The Team Members and Contacts interface has been updated to allow for better functionality. Set up columns and filters just like your Jobs list views, plus some new functionality:

  • You now have the ability to archive a Company or Contact

  • Ability to batch delete, archive or restore Companies or Contacts

  • Contacts can now be opened to view or edit anywhere, without having to navigate away

  • Contacts now have labels to help you differentiate them, much like Companies

  • Team Members interface has also been updated to allow you to filter and sort like other list views, plus save favourites

Fixes 🛠

  • Xero status is flicking to Awaiting Payment when a line item was edited in ST then pressing Send changes to Xero. Post-release, the status won't change.

  • WIP Reporting values were not recalculating as time went by. We have made some changes to the calculations so that the report better estimates unscheduled time when calculating across a timespan in the past and future.

  • When you pick up a card in a Priorities Board, there were issues with scrolling — now resolved.

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