Functionality 💅

  • Availability grouped by 'Role'. You can now see your availability report based on the roles you have setup in your organisation. Team members are grouped into their roles with a summary line providing an overview of the current scheduled capacity across your team for each role. The availability view is accessible using the keyboard shortcut keys G + A. You can now group this view by Organisation and Branch also 🎉

  • Time list grouped by 'Role'. Extending the use of roles, it's now possible to group your Time list by 'Role' which allows larger teams to focus in on the hours, cost and sell of a specific role within the business.

  • Custom templates - our closed beta for this functionality is still running. More info here.

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • Batch action improvements. Check box alignment, progress bar animation to indicate when a batch action is queued and awaiting processing ✅

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