Functionality 💅

  • We've made some UI changes in the To Do page. When creating a new To Do, the 'Item' dropdown now displays items in different ways depending on their status. It is now very clear that an item is completed, paused or not assigned to the user which should discourage time being logged incorrectly.

  • Custom templates - we are running a closed beta for this functionality and will be released and fully communicated in the very near future. More info here.

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • PO total was pulling through as £0 when creating blank PO and adding a new line item from the master expense list ✅

  • An error message was displaying when creating new branch ✅

  • Cost column on expenses list was displaying the unit rate for POs rather than the total cost. This would then flow into an incorrect mark-up % ✅

  • The margin calculation on a foreign currency expense was not taking into account the set exchange rate ✅

  • PO multi-currency - changing the currency of the PO in the side bar will now update the markup OR sell rate depending on the PO pricing method ✅

  • 3 dot menu display issues resolved ✅

  • The 'preview' page for Quotes/POs/Invoices now uses a fixed width ✅

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