If you are wondering why you have Extra Hours Tracked at the bottom of a job, this is any time that has been logged against a job but a specific item was not chosen. You can easily move these hours to sit under the correct item and by doing so, you will be able to create more accurate reports on how healthy your project was.

How to Move and Shake into the right Item

  1. Click on Used / Planned (Currency) when within the Job

  2. Here you will see all the time entries logged on the Job

  3. Make sure the list is grouped by Item name

  4. Extend Extra Hours Tracked and click on the line item to edit the task

  5. Simply choose the correct item and press save

Pull a Report to see Extra Hours logged on all Jobs

  • Navigate to the Job page and click on the Time tab

  • Add a Filter named Time

  • Check Was Not Planned

  • You can reallocate any line items right from this screen by clicking the Edit Button or the ✏️ icon and selecting the correct item

💡 Tip: Save this report as a Favourite and easily check it again 🤘

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