What does each field in a job item do?

Let's break down what each of the fields on a job item actually is. The below Job Item has been setup to use the 'Time by Item' and 'Sell Rate by Item' configuration (other configurations will be explained later).

[a] Item Name - can be typed in or selected from a drop down of pre-entered items in your master item list. I've added the configuration name to this item for clarity.

[b] Used Hours - The total hours that have been logged against that specific item.

[c] Planned Hours - The total number of hours entered in at creation. This is the number of hours you are estimating the item will take.

[d] Item Sell Rate - If the item (Artwork) has been selected from your pre-entered master item list, the rate figure may automatically populate - which it has in this example with $100. Alternatively, this figure would need to be entered and is the rate at which one hour of this item (Artwork) will be sold to your client at.

In other Job Item configurations, this field may be automatically calculated using data entered in other fields - we will show this later.

[e] Total Used Sell - In this example, the $100 in [e] is the calculation of 1hr [b] * $100 [d](Used Hours * Item Sell Rate). NB: depending on how the item is setup this figure is not always a straight calculation. We will show this later.

[f] Total Planned Sell - Similar to [e], in this example it is a calcuation of 30h * $100 (Planned Hours * Item Sell Rate). NB. If your figures include decimals, we do not show them here to keep the data digestable. If a quote or invoice is created from this item or you click into the particular field the exact number will display.

[g] Job Item Team Member - Any team members assigned to this item.

[h] Job Item Team Member Logged Hours - When using the 'Item Time' configuration this field displays the time logged by each individual team member on this item.

What do those Link Icons do?

These icons are extremely powerful and are often the source of misunderstanding that can lead to unwanted changes to an items setup. When this icon is displayed in a field, it means that particular field is calculated using detail entered into other fields on the item. Clicking on the link icon within a particular field, will switch that field type to one that allows you to enter the data manually. NB. Clicking on this icon fundamentally changes how the item is setup and also means that other fields will automatically switch from allowing manual entry to calculated fields.

[1] The first link icon seen in the above example is in the Job Item Total field. Currently this job item is setup to use the 'Time by Item' and 'Sell Rate by Item' configuration, but clicking the link at [1] will allow the $3 000 to be manually edited to a figure of your choice. As seen in the below image, changing this to $10 000 will automatically apply the link icon to the 'Item Rate' field meaning that it becomes a calculation field (Total Item Sell / Planned Hours > $10 000 / 30h = $333) and moves the Job Item configuration from a 'Time by Item' and 'Sell Rate by Item' to a 'Fixed Price Item' configuration.

[2] + [3] - Clicking these icons will again make changes to the configuration of the job item into one of the configurations explained below.

I want to configure my item so that...

  1. Planned hours for that item are shared across all assigned team members and no matter who records time on the item the Sell Rate of the item itself is used ('Time by Item' and 'Sell Rate by Item').

    The most common job item configuration used by clients takes the number of hours planned on the job item (30) multiplied by the 'Sell Rate' ($100) of the job item (usually taken from the master item list) and calculates the job item total $ amount ($3000).

    If multiple team members are assigned to this item, each hour they log will use the item sell rate no matter what the individual team members sell rate is.

    Note that the link icon is present in the job item total field, showing that the $3000 is now being calculated using the other job item fields.

  2. No matter how many hours are recorded on the item, by any team members the Total $ sell of this item will remain the dollar value that I entered ('Fixed Price Item').

    A popular job item configuration for work such as Project Management that will run the course of a project. You can see the link icon on the Job Item Rate ($333) and none on the 'Job Item Total' field ($10 000) which indicates the $10 000 is editable and has been manually entered. Streamtime calculates the Job Item Sell Rate using Fixed Price $ ($10 000) / Planned Hours (30) = Item Sell Rate ($333).

  3. I can assign specific hours to individual team members on an item but any time they or any other team member records will still use the Sell Rate for that Item ('Time by Team Member' and 'Sell Rate by Item').

    This configuration allows planners to be specific as to how many hours you want each team member to work on this item. This option still uses the Item Sell Rate ($100) to calculate the Job Item Total $ amounts.

    Note the link icon placement - the links against the individual team members have been clicked and subsequently disappeared making the fields editable. The Item Sell Rate field is also displaying as editable without a link icon.

  4. I can assign specific hours to individual team member on an item and also ensure that any time recorded by those team members uses their individual sell rates to calculate the job item totals.

  5. I can assign individual planned hours to team members but lock the fixed price in for that item (Time by Team Member and Fixed Price Item).

    Useful to track what you could have sold the item at if you were tracking time by team member and sell rate by team member instead of the fixed price.

Fantastic, I understand the configurations, but my job item calculations aren't adding up!?

When setting up an item using one of these configurations, Streamtime will not force you to enter data into fields. Meaning, if a field that is used in the particular configuration is empty, Streamtime must have some sort of fallback method. We have detailed some of these below, but essentially it is worth checking that the field on your job item that does NOT have the link icon present actually has a value in it.

Time by Item and Sell by Item with no item rate entered.

Streamtime will display each team members Sell Rate in grey as a 'fallback' option to show what Rates are used to calculate the total. Ideally the item rate should be entered or the link icon selected next to the team member sell rates to ensure they are used.

Configurations like this could lead to confusion if team members sell rates are changed within the life of the job and the calculations would then appear incorrect.

Watch this webinar for more information.

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