Major 🏆🏆

  • Comments & @ Mentions within Job Activity - add job specific comments directly into the job activity channel. @ mention a team member to send them an in app notification.

  • Comments & @ Mentions on Posts - as above, you can comment and @ mention your team directly on a post.

  • Team member in-app notifications of mentions - living in the new 'Activity' section of your navigation menu, see all the @ mentions, mark them as read and jump directly to the job or comment itself.

Slightly Less Major 🏆

Additional Job Permissions - it's now possible to allow different level of job access to your team members.

  • View Jobs - the lowest level of job access allows the team member view only job information. The team member cannot edit the job or see any pricing information.

  • View Job Pricing - enabling this provides the team member the additional access to view pricing information on jobs. Selecting this will automatically enable the 'View Jobs' permission.

  • Edit Jobs - provides the team member with full view and edit access to the job (pricing information included). Enabling this for a team member will automatically enable both 'View Jobs' and 'View Job Pricing' permissions.

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Xero OAuth2 integration migration.

  • If all line items on a PO use the same revenue account code the resulting invoice line item will apply that same revenue code.

  • Downloading some historical quotes to pdf was returning an error - this is now resolved.

  • Merging of labels now handles all instances of case sensitivity.

  • Phases are now available via the API via job items and ToDo's.

  • Contact import now handles special characters.

  • Timesheet report for "last week" was not including Mondays if the report was generated early in the week.

  • Using browser back button when in Job Activity was returning a blank page - we've resolved that.

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