Watch Streamtime's MD Andy chat briefly with Michael from our product team on this new release here.

Major 🏆🏆

Rate Cards (Premium & Fixed Price Plans)

Want the ability to set different rates for different clients or groups of clients? You can now create multiple rate cards and assign a single client or a number of clients to that rate. Next time a job is created for that guessed it, the new rates are pulled through.

  • Define specific, agreed upon rates for a particular client.

  • Define a rate card for a specific type of client - NFP, Corporate, Startup with appropriate rates.

  • Duplicate an existing rate card and apply a percentage variance on creation.

Fixed Price Items

Can now be created directly in your master list - also supporting different rate cards.

Expense Markups

Want to apply a standard % markup on a particular expense. Now you can...

Slightly Less Major 🏆

Invoice PDF's
You can now enable a PDF attachment when sending out invoices to your clients. Attaching the invoice as a PDF will avoid any delays when automated invoice reader software is in play.

PO Number

The infamous PO number. You can now add the PO number your client has provided you for a particular job. Enabling the setting to display that number on your invoice will also mean no more delays on that invoice payment! Well at least not because of the lack of a PO number...

Xero Webhooks

We've hooked up with Xero webhooks, so now any updates made to your invoices in Xero will push back to the related invoice in Streamtime. Handy when applying a payment to an invoice in Xero - it will now automatically update the invoice in Streamtime!

Fixes/Improvements 🛠

  • Reporting on last week's time on Monday's before 12pm was pulling in data from the previous week. This was a timezone issue that is now resolved.

  • Update to the wording on the team permissions page to avoid any confusion around the ability to create jobs.

  • Shortcut keys have been disabled in the quote and invoice T&C's fields to avoid unwanted navigation within the app when typing.

  • Invoice cannot be pushed to MYOB error now resolved.

  • List of European countries using the Euro is now updated.

  • Importing companies issue. Importing did not appear to stop (even though it had).

  • Create & log button wasn't working in certain circumstances/ The ToDo was being created but not logged. This is now resolved.

  • Quickbooks invoicing issue - error when trying to export now resolved.

  • Zapier: unable to connect Streamtime account, gets redirected to Streamtime's pricing page. A change was made by Zapier causing this - we've now updated our app to adjust to their changes.

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