Functionality 💅

  • You can now include the job number on quotes, POs, invoices. This is now a visibility setting to be turned on and off. It cannot be overridden, simply pulls through the job number onto the documents and toggle display on/off.

  • Some more fun additions to Priorities: you can now add notes to all cards — that includes job, item, quotes, invoices and expenses cards. Long awaited functionality 🎉 These notes will not reflect anywhere else — so you can have different notes per card, per board. Simply hover over the card near the bottom and you'll see the ability to add a note appear. Plus, you're now able to remove yourself from someone else's priority board.

  • Following our webinar last week on custom templates, you can now take a look at your sample data and our sample template from a quote, purchase order or invoice during the Preview and Send stage. If you think this is something you're interested in, get in touch via our help button to chat about activating it.

  • For those global citizens, you can now set your numbering and date format on the branch. This is for external facing documents only (quotes, POs and invoices). When you're working in Streamtime, you'll see British/Australian numbering format (eg, 1,000.00). But for quotes, invoices and POs, you can now set a different numbering format (1.000,00 or 1 000,00). Especially highly requested by our European customers. Visit Your Company page to change your setting.

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • A persistent schedule issue freezing on a loading state when visiting from an individual job page has been resolved 💪

  • An error when attempting to push a purchase order from Streamtime to Xero when the PO has been deleted in Xero has been updated

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