Functionality 💅

  • Priorities has a slightly updated look and feel, and better yet: a whole bunch of new card types! You can now add Quote, Invoice, Expense/PO, Company, and Contact cards, plus a bunch of new smart totals for columns, giving you more flexibility to set up your boards and workflows. Sharing and visibility settings have moved to the right sidebar, giving you more vertical space for those super long columns.

  • You can now also Archive Priority Boards when you're done with them from the three-dot menu on the board, or on the back of the card on the Priorities page 🥳

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • Some pesky issues with payment processing — now resolved.

  • Changing the exchange rate type of a rate card (from fixed rate or rate and vice versa) wasn't working. Now it is.

  • Some performance patches and behind the scenes work to keep the lights on 💪

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