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Batch actions have been on our 'hitlist' for some time now. We've started by introducing the concept with a few specific actions that we'll be extending in the near future.

How batch actions are processed

Batch actions are not actioned instantaneously. As batch actions are built to manage large numbers of records, selecting an action will schedule the job in a queue for Streamtime to process. You are free to continue with other To Dos with the action processed in the background of Streamtime once it hits the front of the queue.

Progress of the job and any required error information are accessible via your nav menu.

Actions Scheduled

We’ve Scheduled your batch action request - Now you can get back to your next To Do. Stay on top of the progress in your nav menu. We’ll let you know when it’s done.

What you can 'Batch'

Quote list:

  • Approve multiple quotes

  • Decline multiple quotes

  • Mark quotes as 'sent'

  • Download multiple quotes to pdf

Job list:

  • Generate JCR's

  • Archive Jobs

  • Restore Jobs

Invoice list:

  • Mark invoices as 'sent'

  • Send invoices to accounts package

  • Generate PDFs

Fixes/Improvements (the best bits) πŸ› 

  • 'Show reference' field preference is now remembered when creating a new PO βœ…

  • Manually marking an invoice or PO as 'sent' is now recorded in activity log βœ…

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