Improvements (the best bits) 🛠

  • Payment Terms - you can now specify the "nth day of month" allowing payment terms to be set as "my invoices are due 72 days after they are issued" or "the 13th day of next month" extending the current set of 'date' options.

  • Additional 'tracking' has been added to manage expenses appearing on invoices. Specifically, when merging two expense line items on an invoice, Streamtime will now keep track of the individual expenses still present on the job and display the relevant 'invoiced amount' against each of them. Notably, if the merged line item total on the invoice is manually updated, the individual expense 'billed' totals will not be updated but the total amount to be invoiced will reflect the manual changes.

EG. You have 2 expenses on a job, 'Digital Printing' and 'Digital Printing 2' with a sell of $250. You create an invoice including both expenses which in turn marks both expenses as fully invoiced (below image).

Merging these line items on the invoice, will still display both expenses as fully billed separately, where previously the entire invoiced amount would display on one of the expenses.

NB. Editing the merged invoice line item total from $500 to $1500 will not display the additional $1000 against either expense on the job. It will however be displayed in the invoice wizard totals should you create a new invoice for that job (below image #2).

'Previously Invoiced' figure below includes any manual changes made to existing invoice totals.

  • Adding company and contact to a master expense - which will then automatically apply to the expense on a job when you create it to improve efficiency. Eg. A specific photography company and contact can be applied to a 'Photoshoot' master expense item.

  • Add sell rate and markup to the create master expense modal to make it easier to price things, which then applies to all rate cards. See above image.

  • Custom Templates Groundwork - A hugely requested feature, we are close to a full release of the ability for custom HTML templates to be uploaded into Streamtime to be used across Quote, PO and Invoices. More to come.🎉🎉🎉


  • Converting an expense to PO when no sell rate is present now works as expected.

  • Downloading to PDF from a PO now working as expected.

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